Families Supported by Zach's Fund

The patient passed away just a few days ago after a five year battle with Hodgkins’ Lymphoma. He was 17 years old. He underwent two bone marrow transplants and has been treated most recently at CMC, but has always wanted to come back to St. Jude Clinic where he felt most at home. He made his mark on the world by helping others. He most recently brought filled back packs for all of our on therapy oncology patients even though he has spent most of the past three months in the hospital himself. He started a support group for siblings of oncology patients and last week celebrated his 17th birthday by receiving over 10,000 birthday cards from his Facebook followers. His family has had significant financial struggles over the past few years with high co-pays and deductibles for his insurance and dad has had to take unpaid leave for the past week due to using all of his vacation to be with Chris.
You paid for a portion of his funeral.